Frequently Asked Questions

This section is for quick pre-sales questions. Please request a demo
to get a better sense of our services.
Both Standard and Pro+ plans include full access to the cloud based management console. Including media management, app store, and device management. Pro+ plan includes standard analytics. The Pro+ plan also includes a more powerful player and tracking sensor that gathers necessary data for analytics. Enterprise plan allows for advanced customization based on client needs.
Enterprise plan is reserved for larger or more complex installations, typically 50 or more screens. This could also include more sophisticated tracking and custom work. We encourage you to reach out to us if you think your needs are more complex.
Yes, our creative experts can handle your creative needs. Get in touch with us.
The customer will decide if they want to buy or lease screens from FrontView. In case of a lease FrontView will own the screens. FrontView always owns all players and tracking sensors. The players and sensors lease is included in the monthly price. At the end of our service, we expect they will be returned in fully working condition. It is considered a breach of contract to disassembly or modify any of FrontView equipment.
Yes, our full-services agency  experts can handle your creative needs, this includes from ideation of digital display installation to creative design of copy, media, video production, help with tracking performance, A/B testing, and much more. Visit our agency section to touch with us.

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